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Our practically perfect signature cider.

Golden, clear and lightly sparkling, Ganzenhof  Demi-sec is a nearly dry, balanced cider with a classic, light, refreshing taste.  Ganzenhof is wonderful with summer picnics, hard cheese, hearty dishes in autumn, or with dessert. 


Produced via the same traditional method used to make champagne, Ganzenhof demi-sec is 100% freshly pressed apples.  The juice is gently fermented with a carefully selected yeast, matured, and bottle conditioned.  

APPLES: Boskoop, Jonagold

ORCHARD: Torenhof, Brussegem

YEAST: Cultured yeast

METHOD: In the traditional method







A desire for excellence, a spirt of creativity and an uncompromising attention to detail marked the journey to create a contemporary cider recognised for its crispness, flavour, and distinct character.

With steadily growing demand for premium local products, Ganzenhof Demi-sec today is one of the finest and most authentic Belgian ciders.  Demi-sec is the first cider we've released to the public, but others are on the way.

Every bottle is made from 100% apples, and is produced with meticulous attention to detail and respect for the fruit, the orchards, the environment, and the especially the people who come together to make this product.  For you.

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